Inner Battle

You hurt.

Hurt in silence.

For if you speak, your pain goes to deafened ears.

Bleed. Let it run like a river.

Let it flow,

In the hoping, the pain and the void

Will go.


Let it all out.

Till the tears run dry.

And your soul barren.

Where your emotions go to die.


Fake it.

Good days, bad days

All the same.

An empty vessel roaming the earth.

Occupying space, standing still as the world moves around you.

Still, void, lifeless. NOTHING.

Who am I?

An unanswered question.

To which I wake up every morning.

As the day goes by, nothing around me seems to make my interest.

Waiting for the time to pass,

Waiting for the dark where everything nice disappears.

Longing for my bed, under the cover

Slipping away to a world where everything is better.

Gaining strength and will to start the battle all over again.

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